This stick figure cartoon page (and the page of commentary following it) was created approx. fifteen years ago. It was done to show, as simply as possible, how Shabuout was to be practiced according to the Torah.

At that time, (circa. 1989) we actually tried growing a grain crop in Hull, Georgia. But, for some reason, it failed terribly. In late spring of that year we returned to Hull, only to find a very weak, barely mature crop. But, ironically, on the way there we saw wild barley growing along the roadside that was ripe and strong. And, when we returned to Baltimore and Philadelphia, we noticed even more wild barley along the roadsides; also ripe and strong.
Since then, we have used the first ripe wild barley which we find in our own neighborhoods.
This year, the first ripe grain was found during the fourth week of the second month, and postumately waved on the 28th day of the second month (i.e. June 5th). That established this year's date of Shabuout to be on the 18th day of the fourth month (i.e. July 24th.).

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